Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Most of your learning about recent developments will come from reading and evaluating the latest research papers. The coursework mark (which is 50% of the module mark) will be derived from tutor assessment of your online postings to the blog site, which should show evidence of current awareness of the scientific rationale and potential applications of recent research findings relevant to the module content. The assessment will be based on the frequency and — most importantly — the quality of your contributions (both your own reviews and the comments on other people’s contributions). 
The idea is that all members of the class post short items interpreting the key elements of  research papers you have read. Other members can also read these and comment on the posts. In this way, we will build up an exciting picture of the latest developments in this fast-moving subject. If everyone contributes and follows the blog regularly, we will have a great resource to supplement the lectures. Although it requires quite a lot of work and regular inputs (for me as well as you!), this collaborative effort will be a great revision aid for the exams too.  The students in the past three years gave very positive feedback and I hope that you also find this an enjoyable way of learning!  

Please check the module guidance on the TuLiP site for more information about how to create your posts and the assessment criteria used.